reassurance please

So me and my bf were in the moment and we had sex, well not really 
I'm still kinda a Virgin so I just wanted to get used to the feeling because it would still hurt
So we kinda had sex for a good while
The pre cum did not have sperm because he did not ejaculate before seeing me 
So we had the sex in a way
He took his penis out and I gave him a blow job THEN After like 5 mins he cummed 
I know 100% no cum went into my vagina 
Because it all came our during the blow job
So I shouldn't be worry right 
I'm planning on going on the pill or just condoms now that I'm in a serious relationship 
But I'm naturally paranoid 
And he says I've got nothing to worry about because it's not like he's not experienced in sex ( he's had pervious gfs)
So he knows when to do what
So just need some reassurance 
Thank u lovelys 
But my period is 2 days late but it's not the most regular period sometimes it's a day early 2 months ago it switched from the 17th to the 20th
And in January it went from 20 to 19th
And now in feb I have not gotten it. 
I think my overthinking is making it late pretty sure