Relationship Problems

Bethany • Mama 2 🐝
I am currently pregnant. I'm seriously getting fed up with my fiancé lately. I clean the house, do the laundry just for him to break the hangers (we just bought) and end up putting his clothes in mine because (he's in a hurry to work) his side of the closet isn't even a foot away! I have a sensitive nose now and I swear he doesn't even notice when his feet stink and I already told him to throw away his damn shoes! I can't stand it anymore I hate when he doesn't take care of himself! (Hygenine wise) I don't even want to cuddle because it's gross and when I cook he's too fucking lazy to take his plate to the sink.... literally I feel so out of place like what am I doing wrong?  I'm not working right now because I quit my job and he even told me from the beginning he would help me out with my bills and he hasn't even made an effort... when I had to pay the bills I always managed to make it work and I always made less than he did... I'm now finding another job because I know I can't depend on him and it worries me because if he doesn't help me now how do I know he'll help me when the baby arrives? UGH! I'm so fed up!