6 weeks 4 days Hyperemesis Gravidarum

After two years of trying to convince we're finally pregnant.! I found out very early and we are so excited. I'd been experiencing "morning sickness" in which I had thought was normal but it got to the point to where I couldn't keep anything down at all and was constantly puking... My OB prescribed my diclegis which my insurance wouldn't cover so my boyfriend brought me Unisome and B6, I however couldn't keep them down so we ended up going to the ER due to me not having peed in a while it kept anything down. I was very dehydrated and they had a hard time getting an IV in. It took two bags of fluids and two different anti nausea medications to get me feeling okay... so they ER Dr. Prescribed me Zofran which she told me is not technically approved for use in pregnancy due to a small increase in causing cleft pallets... anyone else experiencing this and or taking Zofran.? It's the only thing that helps my nausea at all. Thank you for any feedback.