breastfeeding help

So I stopped breast feeding her a while back ago & my milk dried up already but for some reason here lately I lay her on my chest like I usually do & she starts smelling my neck & chest & will get herself in a position like I'm still breastfeeding...just started it recently like to where she's doing constantly & she's been on the bottle & pacifier but spits out her pacifier then I go to feed her & she doesn't want that either?!?! Never had this happen with my boys but also they were never breast fed but seems like she mainly does it at night since I started working in the afternoon time?!?! So little confused any of y'all that breast feed can explain why now she's doing this? Feel so bad for her when she does it but I'm not just going to take out my boob & give it to her if there's no milk...🤔😑 she'll be 2 months in the beginning of march but I stopped breastfeeding after 4 days