military question involving a baby

I'm a sahm and a ftm; So my bf is in the navy (which is why I'm a sahm, in the only one here to take care of her) it's tough as it is... we got together while he was in boot camp and I got pregnant during one of his leaves 7 months (which he missed the entire pregnancy) into our relationship (I've known him for 8 years). We now have a 3 month daughter. He just got back from an underway so He's working on her paperwork before his 9 month long leave. I asked him if she was his beneficiary for his life insurance in case, god forbid, anything happened to him. He told me no, his mom is and he wants her to get the money for his little brother and sisters for them to go to college and some for our daughter... I was mind blown. His also a total mamas. Boy. He told me he already made these plans with his mom and can't just undo them.. I told him he has his own baby and family now, if she doesn't understand that's just greedy and wrong. His siblings have a mom, a dad and a step dad that's filthy rich. I'm on my own if something were to happen to him.. I don't work and care for her 24/7..and he has the nerve to put her down as a beneficiary over our daughter? I'm sorry but I strongly believe all of that money should be going towards our daughter, not even me, but her! He's all she has.. his siblings have their own parents. (His siblings are also his half siblings, his father passed when he was a kid). I just don't agree with it or think it's very fair at all to our daughter and I. And what if she ends up taking it all and leaving us with nothing or very little? Shouldn't he at least put our daughter and his mother? I just really don't think it's right.. he has his own family now. We'd need it more than her.. and I know this is a god forbid something happened to him type of thing but still, it's very real to me. I take it seriously, I'm already doing everything on my own and he literally just stated sending me money for her 3 months into her love that IVE been providing for her while not even working. Am I wrong for thinking this way? And is there anything I can do to assure she will be the beneficiary? I'm just so annoyed about this now honestly. I think he should at least put our daughter and his mom down so they will get an equal cut.. I dont exactly trust she'll give our daughter a reasonable amount considering she hasn't even tried to see her once since she was born and doesn't try to keep up with her at all, which he knows because I told him that. 
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