Exercise notes! From my mentor and PT


For those of us exercising right up until and during our third trimester, here are some guidelines that were given to me to begin following as I near the 24 week mark (I'm at 21w2d, so the idea is to start now!)

* keep in mind what legwork is using your abductors vs. your adductors. Inner thigh work needs to be kept at a minimum, and fully supported.

* crunches and situps from a flat surface are now a no-no. Small crunches from an elevated surface (ie:ball behind back, arc, large foam roller) is still ok.

* 15 degrees of elevation is the minimum when working out in supine positions

* prone positions are still ok as long as you're comfortable

* as our bodies will naturally want to anterior tilt more, finding a neutral spine and working out while keeping a neutral spine is critical.

*limit mat work that is not familiar, esp if balancing is required

I am sure this list is going to keep growing, and is not all inclusive. Have you found any useful workout tips from your PTs, trainers, or mentors?? Share them!