Life is too short! please read!

My mom passed away today of stage 4 liver and lung cancer . I was with her when she took her last breath. She actually held on until me and my little girl got there at the hospital. It was like she was waiting for me before she passed away. That was a blessing so I actually got to say my last goodbye and love you to her. It was the most difficult thing ever to see. Before she passed I had told her everything o had to tell her. I told her how much of a great mother and grandmother she was and I asked her to forgive me growing up when I was a teenager I would talk back to her or say some ugly things I told her how sorry I was to say mean or hurtful things to her before and I told her how much I loved her and how blessed I was that God gave me her as my mother bc she was such a great mom who loved me and did everything she could for me. She had her first grand baby almost 9 months ago and was such a great grandmother to my baby girl who loved her also. My dad loved my mom with all of his heart he was with her for 34 years. They loved each other and was each other best friend. My dad took care of her and stayed with her until she passed away. I know my mom is in a way better place now and she isn't hurting or suffering no more. She's in heaven with God . I'm going to miss her so much and I'll always be thinking of her. I know she will be watching over us. Life is so short and we shouldn't hold any grudges with our mom or dads even our significant other bc you never know what day will be your last. Always love one another every day and tell your loved ones that you love them every chance you get.