Veronica's Papa

For the past month, we have been struggling to get Veronicas papa well! My SOs father has had some health issues and he was hurting didn't know what was wrong. He is a Vietnam Airforce Veteran. 69 years old. He has tried and tried to get appointments that they were putting it off. Even when told it was an emergency. We live in Corpus Christi, TX he lives in Beaumont 5 hours away. We are so exhausted. When we came, he looked like he was feeling bad. Told him he needed medical care and to go to the hospital. He was stubborn as he always was but finally got him to go. They scanned his entire body, did several tests for cancer and all sorts of things. This took weeks. He finally had a BM after a week or more and we thought it would be better from there. It wasn't. The plan was to figure the problem out get threatened and go to a rehab to walk again. But that wasn't the plan. They found that his appendix was rupturing and needed surgery. After that, in recovery, he was doing ok. For a day, at 4am he is BP dropped and he went into a coma. After being on life support which he didn't want, but we had hope at the time, the decision of my SO was the hardest decision he would make in his life so far. We took him off life support bc that's what he wanted. They gave him oxygen for comfort and he's at ease right now just going through the dying process. Today, we transferred him to a hospice that had a facility so he can be comfortable and peaceful. This man is the reason for my man. He's the reason for my 8 month old baby initials VAW. She is the 4th. I'm going to miss his down to earth loving ways. He never judged anyone or cared how much they may have messed up in life. He loved good music. Pink Floyd was the greatest band ever.   He wanted our baby more than anyone in this world. And he loved her. "A sight for sore eyes!" I know that we are not here forever, we all have to go sometime in this crazy world, but I sure will miss him more than words can say. Thank you for reading this. I love you, Veronica will always love her Papa and I'm glad that you could meet her. 😪💙💜