question for moms who had more then one baby...

Hi everyone
Hope everyone is having a great pregnancy! 
I just wanted to ask this litle question to all of you mommies... 
If you had stretchmarks with your first pregnancy, what happened with them in a second (third, fourth,...) pregnancy? 
When I was pregnant with my daughter I started getting stretchmarks at 20 weeks already and they where all over the place: my boobs, upper legs, belly, arms and even armpits. Now I'm 30 weeks with baby #2 and figured they'd turn red again or get worse, but they didn't! I even get the feeling they are fading. Not that I'm not happy but I'm just waiting for them to break out to be honest...
Experiences anyone? 
Thnx in advance & have a great day!
Oh and sorry if I wrote something incorrect, english is not my native language 😊