So insensitive 😡😡

I know this isn't uncommon by any stretch of the imagination but WHY do people have to be so obnoxious/nosy absolutely about other people's family plans. 
I was at a family gathering recently hosted by a couple (hubby's cousins) in their mid-thirties. They very graciously hosted the party so that the family could get together to spend time with the newest additions to the family, my 5 month old included (seems like everyone is having babies!!). Meanwhile they haven't had a baby yet. I do know they want them, and have been told she has some fertility issues. They haven't explicitly told the extended family that they are ttc, but I think any thoughtful person would realize they might be, and try to be sensitive. Especially in a social setting that was designed around other people's babies. And even if they aren't trying, don't want babies yet or at all, it's none of anyone's damn business!!
But no. These people have no sensitivity and no boundaries. The couple just got a dog, and are so excited!! But instead of the family being excited for them, all they can talk about is how they should be having kids instead of dogs. Over the course of the day I heard how "dogs aren't real family," "why do they keep getting dogs? When are they going to have a baby already?" etc. I honestly just wanted to throttle my husband's family. They are wonderful people but holy insensitive. I want to come out and say that's really none of our business was, is it? But I don't know how to say that without sounding disrespectful to the older generation....