Before anything this is what happened.. I tagged my bf on a video on fb and he replied hours later because he was at work when I got notified I immediately liked his reply but as I was doing this I was in the middle of fixing my computer. I decided that I will reply once I'm done fixing since he will be driving on his way home. THEN (this is where it gets interestingly annoying) one of his female colleague sent him a screenshot of the of reply that I liked without replying (yet) and told him that I've reached a point where I'm just gonna "like" things and it goes downhill from that. And he felt insecure got mad at me deleted all his replies that I liked on posts I've tagged him to and got mad at me for not giving him enough attention. 
Do I have a right to be annoyed at this colleague of his? I mean what's the point in doing so? I'm trying hard to understand why would she say such things when she has no idea about what is really happening. 
Can you please give insights on what you would do if this happened to you?