Has anyone got eloped? Also need wedding advice

Breanna • 1 miscarriage, Due with my rainbow baby February 11th♡♡ Wyatt Ethan 💙
My BIG wedding day was suppose to be April 8th, but currently everyone in the family seems to be going through a lot, so I decided I was just going to stop planning and do it for maybe next year or later. ( Kinda long story) My family that was helping me pick out certain things, like giving me ideas.. Well wasn't going so well. Everything I liked or wanted to do was "awful looking" "dumb" so I just stopped being interested in doing things for the wedding. So long story short, my fiance just wants to go get eloped then next year plan the wedding without anyone(meaning just he&i would pick stuff) and do a BIG wedding then, when everything is settle. Does that sound rude to do to my family or..

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