Inappropriate Roblox Game

I saw some articles on the news and on Facebook about how inappropriate this computer game is. It is intended for children to use and has mini games etc. There is a chat function and apparently there are some creeps that speak to kids with sexual terms and it's very disturbing. I watched some YouTube videos and some of the content is crazy! It can be so sexual. 
I was at my in laws and I noticed that my 9 year old niece was playing it. (She will be 10 next month). Since I had previous told my hubby about the game, he asked her if she ever chats to people and she said no. He is very protective of her. Anyways, I'm not sure if I should send the articles of how inappropriate it can be to my sister in law. We always feel like she just lets our niece do whatever she wants (plays computer games constantly) and puts a lot more of her attention into her 3 1/2 year old. 
In the past my hubby has mentioned something about his niece to his sister and she snaps and says "don't tell me how to parent" etc etc. 
Honest opinions on if we should show his sister the articles or just let it go because our niece told us she doesn't use the chat and we don't want to overstep?