our rainbow baby 👶 🌈😭💘

Mallory • Mom of 2- 1 lost Dec. 2015, 1 "rainbow" baby girl due 9/9/17 💘🌈
We went for our 12 week midwife appointment this morning and she couldn't find the heart beat with the handheld doppler so she rush ordered an ultrasound for us this afternoon and we were able within hours to see a perfectly healthy baby!!! 😅🎊😍
We previously lost our first baby two winters ago at 12 weeks (it had passed some time before that) and so we are just over the moon with joy celebrating today this little life that has sustained!!! 
Measuring 11 weeks 6 days, heartbeat of 150. 
What a surreal experience and rollercoaster of emotions! I can't believe it! I think I died and went to heaven 💘💘💘😭😭😭
Happy healthy baby growing to all you mommies out there 💛💛💛