anyone else?

i've been in a relationship with this guy for a while now and i really love him, but i a couple of my friends aren't that supportive. i know its supposed to like "sisters before misters" and all that but this guy treats me incredibly and we have such a strong relationship. also, i have another really close friend in a relationship and everyone else in my friend group is always saying things like "omg cutest couple, goals, you guys are so cute, fav couple, etc" and it just puts me in a shitty mood because i know what's good for myself and i just wish my friends could support my decisions. and it's not that they don't like the guy because most of my friends do, but it's just so obnoxious to always hear them favoring other couples and not really having anything to say about mine except negative comments😞
kinda just needed to vent/see if anyone's on the same boat 
PS - i'm 19 and he's 20