hair loss

Rachel • Aussie :) I'm 31, he's 35, our son will be 4 in Feb, daughter born Oct 2016
Ok ladies, first of all HIYA!! My daughter is now 4 months old, & ive barely been on here since Oct last year. So g'day to all the new mummies and expectant ones :)
Anywho, I'm still experiencing drastic hair loss post pregnancy. I never had this with my son & im wondering when it stops?
I had a shower this morning & this was from just washing my hair;
When I brush I often have to clean it out twice during the brushing process. I have very long and quite thick hair, so some hair loss is normal for me, but not this much. It's driving my bf and our son nuts (it gets everywhere), and I'm starting to get over finding it EVERYWHERE!
Any help/experience with this would be greatly appreciated!
penalty pic of my gorgeous squish: