really need advice 😭

My partner usually works away three months at a time and one week off it's been like this for two years and we have a three year old together, I understand when he lives away he has his freedom gets to do whatever and he uses that time to play his computer games.
He put in transfer for back home because I'm almost due and it finally got approved and now lives back home and has been for weeks but since being home all he does is sit on his game or YouTube takes off to friends houses and when asked to do the simple chores like take a bin out he starts at me with attitude and lately has been telling me to shut the fuck up in front of our daughter who he doesn't spend time with.. this isn't the man I met at the start an the work away freedom has changed him.. just before I asked him to spend some time with our daughter instead he played a game and when asked again he took off to his friends house. I had enough I sent him a txt saying I don't think his cut out to live here and co parent with me because he can't even put some time into playing with his daughter which of course he didnt reply  I'm a emotional mess and I don't know if I'm doing the right things here... am I or am I being a emotional pregnant women..  I don't know what to do 😭😭😭