red dots on butt? no pics!

Clarissa • Mama
This sounds strange and gross, but what could they be? Her doctor can't get her in until Monday but some reassurance for the weekend would be nice!
So it's not a rash I know that: there are red dots on her butt hole. They were bleeding earlier but aren't now. They aren't like bumps, they are more like little cuts? She has never had anything but soft or runny poops- like pudding. And she doesn't strain. We've always been very gentle wiping (first time parents lol). 
They seem to be really hurting her! Even when she has a fart she screams and it takes her breath away. It makes me so sad because I don't know what I can do! Her Dr just has us putting Vaseline for now- nothing medicated she said. Also she's 6w tomorrow if that makes a difference.