I hate the way I feel (RANT)

Let's start off saying I'm 18 and I know the consequences of being married, but I got married anyways... I don't really regret it, but I should've thought it through considering know how I am and what I've done in the past to my boyfriend then, but husband now, and he's great to me he's done everything I've asked and gave me everything I wanted. We all know there is a BUT to this kind of story.... I've been super close friends with this guy since the 6th grade, he knows more about me than my husband, he knows how to make me laugh to where my cheeks hurt. Over summer of 2016 I asked if I could come over (first mistake) because he was leaving for the military, so we watched the good dinosaur down stairs while his family and friends were up stairs (his friends stayed the night and was knocked or playing video games), and after the movie we didn't have really much to talk about so he laid on my lap and we just stared at each other and he just said "screw it" he stood up, and laid me down on the couch, playfully wrestling like we always did when I came over, and we kissed and made out for what felt like forever and it was amazing and my heart just wouldn't stop beating like a race horse. He slowly made his way to kissing my whole body and as soon as he got to the waist line of my pants I heard the down stairs door open and his brother said his name... it was a tease and it was everything I waited for since I liked him. When he came back from boot camp we texted while my husband was in basic but I knew it was best not to see him, he told me how he told his friends when I left how much he loved me and that when he was in boot camp I was the only motivation he had to get through the time and hard nights... I hate myself for thinking about him as much as I do. My husband still don't know about it and I catch myself slipping about him all the time but I stop myself because my husband knows past things about me and him. Should I talk to my husband about it or leave it be?. I feel like it's been too long to tell him and that he would be even more upset with me now than he would when I happened because I waited so long to say something. You don't have to tell me how horrible of a person I am and that my husband don't deserve me. But I haven't done anything with anyone else since then.