Oh BOY....here comes TROUBLE!! (Last Update)

So, in my last posts I told you all that my BF (now Ex-BF) was acting super annoying, weird and would give me rude comments about my weight. 
So then I got annoyed with him and decided to just break up with him. The day happened and he told me that I was at fault for our break up. Yes, I understand that I may have some part of the reason as to why we broke up but he isn't off the hook. I told him the main reason I wanted to break up was because he was very rude for making fun of my weight (when he knows I'm kind of insecure about it) he would tryto make seem fatter. And he would tell me that he weighs less than I do. Which I thought was stupid for a guy to weigh so little. (Keep in mind I weigh 128 and he says he weighs less) 
I ended up getting pissed off and I told him that I got bored of him and his stupid insults. So I dumped him and told him to just leave me, I just turned and walked away from him. But he still decided to run up to me and he said that he wants a hug to end this in good terms. Which I thought was stupid so I just stood there while he awkwardly hugged me. 
Anyways sorry for the rant. Thanks to the girls who gave me advice.