Seething i wrong?


My best friend is about10 years younger than me, im 33, shes 25....she hooks.up w a lot.of dudes, im not mad at THAT...what o AM mad at is her.constantly usimg.plan b as bc and constantly running to me w her pregnancy husband and i have been trying for 3 years and cant.have children so far..

Drs say due to his chemotherapy it prolly wont happen....he has terminal.cancer...

Appprox 4 years to live. And she has the nerve to run to me once a.week with a.plan b emergency?

Like...have a little consideration... or at least be semi responsible? I love her but the too real...literally just got a text this MINUTE saying "tons.of brown blood am i pregnamt? Is it ------'s or ---'s?" .....idek how to respond anymore....any advice REALLY APPRECIATED