Not Sleeping and Not Playing Well

I'm not sleeping. I move and I have to pee. It's like every hour or two hours anymore. I seriously got into a comfortable position like an hour ago. I can't decide if having this baby to feed every two hours would be better or not. 
I've never been good without sleep. It's actually the part of having babies I dread the most. I don't have whatever magic mom gene that kicks in and says I can handle not getting decent rest. I just can't function. 
And my husband's alarm goes off at freaking 5 am on a Saturday. There is a men's thing at church at 8. We live 5 miles from the church. WHY ARE YOU UP AT 5? 
And guess who he wakes up? My son. He swears he didn't wake him up, but him banging around had to have signaled people are awake. To a 3 year old, that's an invitation to get up. 
So yeah, I'm a little pissed. He brings our son into our room, turns the tv on, and leaves. 
I fell asleep an hour ago. He asked why I was up all night? Ummmm, this kid is playing kickball with my bladder? I'm huge and can't lay in my stomach? It's hot as blue blazes in the house because you wouldn't let me turn on the AC last night despite everyone sweating? 
I realize the older generation doesn't get the concept of sleeping in even on Saturday and that's why they plan this stuff for freaking early, but seriously, I did not need this man to wake everyone up before the sun.