So i recently found out I am pregnant. I'm 18 years old, I got a whole future ahead of me. I got accepted into my ideal college.. this is so hard and scary and I have to do everything behind my parents back. I have a great support system with my bestfriends family and they're going to help me earn money for the abortion pill.. I'm just a little concern on how far I may be because I had sex on Dec 31st, got my period Janursry 6th-13), January 24th, Feb, 7th,8th and 13th. Would I be 4 weeks pregnant? Or could I have gotten pregnant around the 7th and 8th because I did start feeling sick like the week after that. Please don't bash me for my decision.. this happened so quick we used a condom and it's so scary. I haven't talked to the guy because we weren't exclusive and he already has another child. I'm losing complete communication with him.