Now I know she is watching over me 💕

When I was younger I had a very difficult childhood. My father was abusive and an alcoholic. But my stepmother was the most incredible woman. She took me to church and she gave me my faith in God. She was the sweetest person. And she thought she could change my father. Sadly, she passed away 10 years ago when I was only 9 years old from lung cancer when she didn't even smoke. I have struggled with my faith ever since and I have always been so angry that God took away the one person who made sure my father didn't hurt me when she was around. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and it was totally unplanned and I have struggled with whether or not I think I will be a good mom and how this changes all the plans I had for my life. However, I found out that my due date, August 9, is her birthday. I literally cried when I found out and even if this baby isn't born on August 9th I know this is her way and God's way of letting me know that she is with me and looking down on me and I now feel so much better and more at peace with every change that is coming my way 💕