fun rant of the day

So I had issues with my tire yesterday while I was driving. Pulled over on the side of the road and saw it had a giant air bubble in it. Oh no! So I jacked my car (after many failed attempts because my car frame is old) and took the tire off. Went to put on the spare only to find out it doesn't fit my car. So I have to get the old tire and put it back on the car again. It took an hour and a half in the freezing cold for the whole ordeal because trying to lift a tire right now... not working lol. So today I was on a mission to get to discount and found out my tire blew overnight. So here I go jacking my car again to take the tire off (in only 5 minutes just saying 💪🏻😎) to rush to discount purchase my 3 tires and take one back to my house, put it on my car and drive back so they can put the other 2 on before they close. They purposely waited until 20 minutes before close to give me my tire so I couldn't get it. Well jokes on them because I go flying home in my husbands car to only take 2 minutes to put my tire on and unjack my car and make it back 2 minutes before close. 6 months pregnant and it took me under 10 minutes total to change a tire all by myself. Kinda feeling like a badass now. Sorry discount tire but I made it before you closed and I don't care about the nasty looks you gave me. You should be impressed not mad 😊