my baby shower didn't go according to plan

So I just had my baby shower and ofc there is no baby shower with out a cake we had planned a cake for weeks before the event so the Baker didn't make the cake!!! I was expecting it to be Minnie mouse but ofc she got the dates mixed up! so then my boyfriend grandparents had to run to Walmart to grab a sheet cake and it wasn't even Minnie mouse just a big square cake with balloon icing. Ofc the only food we had was like 4-5 pizzas from the restaurant on the metal plates, I was expecting there be more food! Ofc we had to rush it because my boyfriend mom was stressing out so much but it's her fault cuz she didn't freaking write a list! she was in charge of the baby shower and this is what happens. I mean I had a good time but was so stressed because she was treating her son like he was 12 when he's about to be a dad. maybe next time I should plan my own baby shower! Cuz ik for sure I'd get things done right. so yep baby shower didn't go right :(.