seriously so off top but help online job

So I'm a stay at home mother I have a four month old and currently five weeks pregnant (failed condom and birth control) my husband makes great great money he is a welder and makes about 29 an hour maybe more, but I really would like to find a job online because I will not leave my baby with anyone with how this world if right now anyone know of any online jobs (work from home) and please do not suggest younique or it works or anything like that I don't want to have to sale to make like 3% I want to actually work or call people and get a pay check every week I already work for younique and don't much like it, please help I don't have a high school or diploma I'm working on it (online glass) I left because I was on bed rest and they wouldn't work with me when I was 18  UPDATE: please do not suggest makeup business, I do not want to sale makeup I don't want to pay 100$ to start a buisness and my pay depend on what people bought or how much they bought I want a real actual job not selling products hoping someone buys thank you!