Best breast milk storage system?

Lindsay • I'm 29, married for 5 years (together for 8). My husband and I are first time parents, having welcomed our little girl Avery on 2/17/17 ❤️, she is is the most fun little girl and we adore her!
Hi all. I have the Kiinde breast milk storage system however I'm on the fence about whether to not open or return it (haven't used it yet). An in-home lactation consultant who came to my house last week called the system "junk" (I was surprised to hear that...It's rather expensive and got great reviews). She said the nipples on the bottles cause nipple confusion in breastfed babies. Can anyone on here speak to their experience with the system, good or bad? If you don't have experience with Kiinde, is there another storage system you like and would recommend? Thanks in advance :)