Need advice plssss. Lumps at vagina entrance. Dont know what they are.


Hello everyone. Sorry for the graphics but i dont have a mom. And i need help. And i feel like im always harrassing my doctor. Her office isnt open just yet.

But last night i discovered that just inside the entrance of my vagine. Literally directly under the entrance into me. In the middle of that skin, i have two small ish bumps. Their little lumps that seem to be the same color as my vaginal skin. They dont hurt. They look slightly irritated. But ive obviously been wiping and everything and had sex on friday.

But my husband and i lost our virginities to eachother. Hes faithful. And im 9 weeks and 4 days pregnant. And just anxious as to what these little bunps could be? Their not on the right or left. Just in the middle below the vaginal hole. On the skin exiting the vagina. And im scared. Idk what it could be. But i figured id ask you ladies. Before i speak with my doctor so i can maybe calm down a little. I had a clear pap smear less then a month ago. And ive been std tested at routine things. And nothing yet so idk. But im hoping its something simple. Or even a simple cyst.