bleeding during pregnancy

Okay so yesterday i was by my sisters house to wash clothes and i used the bathroom and when i wiped there was brown on the toilet paper. i didnt think much of it but was still like "ugh, wtf is going on here?!" so i went home and later that day i went to use the bathroom again and this time it was pink blood, not a lot but it was enough to where i wiped again and there was more. it was a bright pink i didnt take of pic of mine but i goggled it and this is exactly what mine looked like. i googled bleeding and some say its fine but i texted a handful of friends and some say go to the ER and some say im fine. any help pregnant mommies or second time mommies? i have a daughter but this didnt happen my first pregnancy at all so im just scared a little and want input. thanks so much in advance!!!