How do i stop being so jealous?? Like I have a massive jealous problem... I did have an experience with a guy who did everything possible wrong to me and the guy I've been with for now 6 months (since the end of September) he says 5 months lol Idk either one but he's first guy I've been with in about 4 years.. Idk if it's something to do with that or what but I hate him being around other females. Unless their family obviously I've gotta get over it but... How? He's inside of Papa johns trying to get a job and my luck.... The manager is a girl. It's making me really nervous and just iffy... :'( I hate feeling that we and I hate that I know when he comes out my mood will be sour just bc of that... Besides I'm not very used to us being separated... It's gonna be very hard :(