Who else failed their 1 hr glucose test?

Wendy • Mother to Lela born June 1st
***3/12/17 update:
My doctor notified me that I "kind of failed" 
my glucose test. So she had me pick up the machine reader, lancets, and the test strips on Saturday to start monitoring my glucose levels an hour after eating each meal. I've gotten used to pricking myself 4 times a day, and I have gotten over the disappointment that my body is "insulin resistant." My doctor said my placenta is TOO efficient 🤷🏻‍♀️
She doesn't think I will need insulin and that this can be managed by diet alone. I already prepare most of my meals at home. I guess I have to cut out the frequent desserts like ice cream and cookies! Less than 12 weeks before edd 😬 
I just found out I failed my first glucose test from Friday. Can't go past 135, and mine was 165. I am taking my 3 hour test on Wednesday. I'm bummed because I cook at home majority of the week always using fresh ingredients. What's everyone's story failing their one hour test? I need some positive outcomes!!