11 Weeks Tomorrow!!!

Jenn 👻🎶🖤
Here is little bug at 10 weeks 6 days. Bug gave me quite the scare. I went for my intake and the doctor's student first tried to find the heartbeat and the doctor took over calmly when he couldn't and said how hard it can be to find. Well...he couldn't find it either but before he even tried reassured me he didn't think there was an issue and if he couldn't find it he'd take me himself for an ultrasound because he knew I'd be anxious about it. Well, he couldn't find it. I got dressed and he took me two doors down to a small room with an ancient ultrasound machine and told me it would be grainy but we were going to see this baby before I left the office. Sure enough, little bug was right on the screen and while we couldn't actually hear the HB with the old machine we watched it flicker away and the baby was definitely measuring properly. (I've heard the HB at our 7 week scan so I know the  HB has been heard before.) Anyway, I only expected to hear the heartbeat today but bug was being mischievous and I got the treat of seeing our little one! My other scans didn't look like a baby but now it finally feels real!! I'm so blessed to have a doctor who is so reassuring and actually cares!