Tips on saving.

Ive got a job interview tomorrow. And I have a good feeling I'll get the job. It's for a dollar store, so the pay isn't good. But it's a job to pick me on my feet right now. I have my own house so bills, are a major thing I have to focus on. I have a bad habit at spending money. Like once I get it I want to go shopping then I end up broke. Me and my husband are also trying for a baby so I definitely need to start saving up. I thought about getting 3 mason jars and labeling them one as Bills, Emergencies, and food. And once we get that BFP I'll get another jar and have one for baby. And I thought about after I got caught up with all the stuff I'm behind on, after I get every pay check I'll put $20 in every jar. Of course super glue the lid so it's not easy to just take out. But I'd like some more ideas that y'all might use? Don't mention a bank account because everytime I have money on my card I want to online shop. 🙄