Paranoia and Fear

This is my first pregnancy. I am 8w4d. I am a very anxious person in general but this pregnancy is terrifying me. I spend almost every waking minute scared that something is going to go wrong. When I'm busy, it's not as bad, but when I'm off and home alone like I am today, it's been horrible. Every time I wipe after I pee, I'm just paralyzed with fear. I keep telling myself, get to ___ weeks and it'll be okay. But I can tell that I'm going to just keep bumping that back and never feel okay. I am afraid to even click the sad stories on here because I'm afraid I'll jinx myself. I was pretty active and now I'm afraid to work out or have sex. I Google too much and scare myself into a panic attack. My husband is the only person who knows right now so I have no one to talk to, but I don't want to tell anyone else because I'm afraid something is going to go wrong. Every little twinge or twitch, I fear the worst. I had two ultrasounds where I saw the baby and the heartbeat, and I have a nurse appointment on the 22nd and a measurement appointment where I should be able to hear the heartbeat on April 6th but it feels like pure agony to wait. How do you stay positive? Or calm? Or just not drive yourself nuts?