Boyfriend moving in because I'm pregnant

So basically I found out awhile ago that I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant now, my boyfriend told me he's going to move in with me next weekend so he can be there to look after me.....I keep trying to tell him that it bothers me because he's only moving in because I'm pregnant with his baby, not because he actually wants too. He tells me I'm just over thinking it. But he doesn't seem the least bit happy or excited about moving in, he told me he wants to only move in next weekend because he wants to be alone and enjoy his last week being by himself.... He also then complained about how he's going to get to his job because he doesn't want to wake up Earlier because I live further.... And when I said well maybe you should just wait awhile until you move in and he said yea he'll think about it..... And now I'm in the wrong for being upset about the fact he's only moving in because I'm pregnant? Am I over reacting and being dumb about this.....because it's making me feel awful inside!