I have a strange fetish... and don't know how to tell my partner

My fetish is people. I like to make other people cum. I'm a temptress. I don't necessarily like being in the same room wit them or touch them- I just like knowing I made someone else feel orgasmically good. I do a lot of phone stuff. Texting / messenger/ skype etc.. I don't send photos. And I don't take off my clothes. I talk people to orgasm. Well I did. Before I met the love of my life. Now... not so much. I don't know how to tell him it's something I did.. and still want to do. I don't know if it's cheating - so I don't do it cause if u think it is ... it probably is right ? It's just something that turns me on a whole lot. I mean knowing he's cum is great and the sex isn't bad. But I miss the thrill of turning on perfect strangers. What I want is to make people cum again and again using only my voice and then for him to like jerk it while listening in on the conversation and then fuck me . That sounds wild. But he's very ... territorial and protective and I don't think he'd like sharing me even in this simple way. I want to stress to him that I never strip or undress for anyone- my physical body is his and that things said in conversation are just that imagination and conversation and won't ever happen.  Anyone have any tips for coming clean with a fetish? Or have anything similar happen to them ? Or have a ferish they'd like to share ?  Thanks for reading.