Fight with gma?

Posting anonymously, because I do feel bad, but I also don't feel at fault.

I got married a few years ago to the most wonderful man in my life.

His family isn't religious, and none of them have good relationships. Most of the family has a huge history of jail time, drug and alcohol abuse, physical abuse towards their s.o. at the time, and running away from their problems. No religion, nothing. (Which isn't a problem, I am all for people practicing what they want/don't want, it's not my life I have no reason to be against it).

My family (at least my dad's side) is INCREDIBLY religious. I'm talking strict life, no drugs, alcohol, forced good relationships, massive family dinners constantly. They're also Mormon. My grandma was born and raised Mormon, and raised 9 kids to be so as well.

When my grandma found out I had moved in with my now-husband before we were married, she was beyond upset. So, I didn't want to tell her we were going to be married. She found out regardless, and at the next gathering, pulled me into her room one on one.

She told me I was ruining my life, and that in no way should I marry him for fear of having the worst life she could imagine.

My husband is the sweetest, most caring, wonderful man on the planet. He's completely different from his family, and he completely reversed my clinical depression I've had since 4th grade, I don't need my medicine anymore or anything, just him.

My family and his both understand that he and I are great for each other and should be together. Except my grandmother. Since that incident I haven't been able to look at her without feeling upset at her, despite me trying to let it go since it's been 3 years ish.

I really just want to tell her to leave me alone forever. Now that I'm pregnant, she got my phone number to apparently send me texts constantly about the baby. Something I don't understand why she cares about the baby when she didn't even want me to get married in the first place.

What do i even do