Just need to vent

So I saw this on pintrest and so many of them are true.

There is a lot I didn't know before experiencing infertility. But here are a few of the most memorable things that come to mind.

I never knew sex could not be fun.

I never knew that egg white like mucous is actually a signal you should celebrate.

I never knew how hard it could be for some unlucky people to become parents.

I never knew that some people actually experience heartbreak when seeing pregnant women on the street.

I never knew that over 150,000 assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles are performed each year in the US, resulting in almost 50,000 babies. {Makes me feel a little less alone}

I never knew that the physical pain I feel every month around ovulation and my period is not normal. {Thanks endo!}

I never knew that there was an amazing network of women in the blogging community that support each other and show such tremendous understanding and compassion for one another.

I never knew how much I'd be willing to put myself and marriage through to try to conceive a baby.

I never knew how much stregnth would result from this struggle.

I never knew that over time...my faith would grow, my heart would heal and I could say out loud and mean it....I'm gonna be happy no matter how this chapter of my life ends.

What have you learned from this journey?

The biggest one for me is how not fun sex is its like clock work and no matter how you try to make it better it's still clock work.

Also staring at pregnant women I do this all the time and it might make me look rude or weird but I can't help it.