need opinion ASAP

Well ladies my last regular period was December 15th about a week after that I had almost 3 months of heavy bleeding and huge clots. 
Went to GYN and on April 4th I have surgery to see if it's endromitrosis . Now the bleeding has stopped for about a month.
 With this being said I ovulated about 2-3 weeks ago . My husband and I conceived that night . Ever since then I've had these symptoms 
 Restless sleep
 Frequent urge to urinate
Breast tenderness 
Thirsty 24/7
White discharge from breast
Mood swings
Just a few days ago I had implamation bleeding very light lasted maybe 5 min max. Brown and pink in color (tmi) 
The next day I had bright red bleeding like a light period up until today and now it has stopped. I've taken 4 pregnancy test and all negative . Even had a blood test done and is negative. Could it be too soon? Was it really implamation bleeding? Why is it showing negative with every pregnancy sign?