Three Ringed Relationship


I've been in this relationship kind of with this guy for about 4 months now, we hang out about 2-3 times a week. He's around my age and everything but the only problem is that he is having a baby in 14 days lol and baby mama is always up his ass. he tells me that he hates her guts and that he wishes that he never made that mistake and so on and so forth. We fight all the time because of her. When he's doing things for the baby he won't text me all day or when he's not with her. He tells me he loves me but yet he has her name in his bio & his screensaver as him and her and texts her all the time even when we're together. and it makes me think that they're still together but yet his mom tells me that she's so happy he finally has a girlfriend and all this other things like he's gonna marry me and that i'm gonna be a great step mom and it's so confusing lol so i honestly don't know what to do anymore. baby mama tells him things like he's such a dead beat dad and all this other things and makes him feel like shit which then makes him feel like he should kill himself , idk what to do should i end it or should i stay?