am I stupid for overthinking??

I had a great weekend with my bf before we left for spring break. We saw his sister's musical and we watched movies and played Xbox. He dad made a really nice dinner and his mom made an awesome breakfast. He told me he was going to work the whole week so I'm thinking he's been tires from working but I don't think he worked that much. He said on Sunday when I left that he was working tomorrow. Last spring break he visited his ex gf which I freaked out about but according to her social media she is in boot camp for the navy no where near where he lives. He mentioned his ex before we left for break and I freaked out and cried and he said I didn't have to worry about it. He apologized and gave me a nice weekend. He checks Facebook now. He's told me he never goes on there. Maybe he checks what I post. He hasn't Facetimed me last night or tonight. I'm not too worried but I'm upset. What if he's doing something I don't want him to? He said talk to you tomorrow. And he never called me. Or tonight. I don't want to call him now because it's late but I mean I did post on Facebook: this too things: 
We watch shameless together and I posted the cat thing when he brought up the ex gf thing. What happened was we were eating dinner and I asked him if he likes honey mustard and he said it reminds of a pizza he had with his ex gf and I freaked out. That's how our fight started because wtf it's going to be spring break and he visted his ex last spring break I freaked out so I have every right to be mad. So wtf he hasn't called me in two nights?? It's freaking me out. What do I do??