no weight gain.

Kiara⭐️⭐️⭐️ • 26. 6.9.2017 🌸 due for #2 08.23.2020
Im 26 weeks & 6 days. I went to the doctor yesterday for my check up & i noticed i've gained no weight since my last visit a month ago. Which is good because they consider me obese 🙄 & have wanted me to monitor my weight gain anyways. So when my midwife measures my bump she says it's not a good sign that im measuring 30 at almost 27 weeks. My baby is 2lbs 2 oz so she's on track with weight gain she's just long (daddy is 6'4) so I attribute my size to her size mostly. My midwife says "too much mommy" despite the fact that havent gained weight. Im literally all baby. She made me feel like im doing something wrong & pretty much called me fat. That shit bothers me because every mom carries differently. Anybody else dealt with this? Any plus sized mommies dealing with this?