When should I test again? {irregular cycle}

Camille • ♥️ IVF baby 03/2021 • Miracle baby 11/2017 ♥️
I often joke that I have a 3WW instead of a 2WW since I have irregular cycles (26-36 days), it's always so difficult to tell if I have missed a period or if it is just coming whenever it feels like.
I am 3 days past when glow predicted I would get my period, but I took a test yesterday and it was negative. I am 12dpo on cycle day 32.
I usually don't test this early but I also usually have pretty intense PMS... cramps, increased appetite, mood swings, and I haven't really had any of that this cycle. Just one day of cramping and lack of appetite, and a little nausea, around 8dpo.

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