birth of only child

Decided to write out our birth story, it's a bit long. Woke up morning of 39.6 wks to water leaking. Freaked out a little as this was actually happening and we'd be parents soon. Woke up hubby and got dressed. Started feeling contractions on waynto hospital. Confirmed water had broke and was checked in at 2am. By 5am got the epidural due to contractions getting closer and really painful. Was dilating on my own all the way to a 10. Luckily my doctor was on call that day so I had her checking on me when she could. Around 2pm my body was telling me to push and was having awful rectal pressure, but I couldn't push due to not being fully dilated. At 3.30pm I was ready to push and I pushed in multiple positions for 2.5 hrs and baby would not move at all. By 6pm I was too exhausted to move and push so the choice of c section was chosen. Wheeled into the OR and on the table by 6.10. Puked down my face when the meds hit me. At 6.36pm our handsome little boy was here. He came out not moving or crying, hubby told me later that he wasn't breathing and they were using chest compression and oxygen for him. He then screamed and I felt better. Stitched up and wheeled into recovery. Baby latched and fed while I was in the recovery room. When I was back in my room and the nurses came in to do the uterine massage was when the problems started. They pressed down and I started gushing blood and clots when every push. I yelled at hubby not to come in the room. I ended up losing half my blood in the clotting and bleeding. Hubby was outside seeing bloody sheets come out and nurses talking on how they needed to get my doctor. Ended up getting 2 blood transfusions and when the clotting started again almost was put under so they could go into my uterus to clean it. Hubby was amazing and had to take full care of the newborn since I couldn't get out of bed.85 was pretty traumatic and I don't think I will be having a second child. Sorry it was so long but thanks for reading.