threw up on his dick?!

Olivia • 💓🌍
YALL I need some help lolol. I was on a second date w a guy I really like and we were getting frisky in his car... but then as I was sucking him off, he pushed me down on his dick (which was so hot btw) and I was like yes this is nice BUT THEN I LOOKED DOWN AND REALIZED I THREW UP ON HIM. 
He was so chill and had me keep going (he didn't end up coming bc I was scared it was gonna happen again) and we joked about it a lot but I've never felt sooooo bad!!! He said it was an ego booster (y'all his dick is so massive lol) and I mean that's good but I'm like beating myself up over it. 
Has this happened to any of y'all? What did you do?? :/// help ya girl feel better