Bf doesn't trust me but I can't leave

My bf doesn't trust me and have a past of women cheating on him so he "says"... like EVERY women he been with all his life cheated! I find that hard to believe and tells me I'm just like them and ALL women are the same! It's mentally and physically draining. I want to leave but he supports me fully! He is a great bf money wise and great with my son from a previous relationship and he calls him daddy! This sucks bc im tired!!! I don't have family to help and I have a son to raise! I have been saving my money and getting my credit right so I can move on! I dropped out of college bc this is taken a toll on me an I can't focus... But every other day he gets mad and try to put me out and I have to beg to stay! I'm sick of it! He has money coming in from some lawsuits soon , i just want to put my gold digger hat on get as much as I can and just leave ! I'm so stress and confuse