I just need to rant a little

My husband is working 11 hours today so i have no one to conplain to until 4 AM therefore I'm gonna complain here. My mother and sister are really starting to piss me off! My husband and I are currently living with my parents because literally all of our income is going to child support and court fees. (He's taking his crazy ex back to court for paternity fraud and contempt of court) Well my husband and I work all the time and raise our 3 month old while my sister and her boyfriend, who also live here, work maybe 10 hours a week put together and spends the rest of their time smoking weed. Well we made chili cheese fries last night and forgot to wash ONE bowl and my mother just called me bitching me out about that one bowl while my sister literally just brought 2 sink fulls of dishes out of her room and called our mom while she was at work to tell her about that one bowl! Was my sister yelled at for all of the dishes she just brought out of her room? Nope! I was blamed and I'm now expected to wash every single dish since we didn't wash a bowl. Ugh I'm so ready to move out and just be on my own so I don't have to clean up after lazy ass adults and I literally never have to contact these people again! So here I am eating oreos for dinner because if I make anything in the house we'll be kicked out.