lower abdominal pains

Kayla • 25 💕
So for the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing lower abdominal cramps and lower back aches... I had my period 3/4 and also went to the ER to get the pains checked because they were making me naseous and wasn't sure what it was... they did a pregnancy test and it came out negative but could not find the reason for the pain... it has been almost a full two weeks since I got checked but over 2 weeks for having the pain... the pain went away for about 2 days but then came back and now hasn't left... it's mainly on my right lower abdomin side but for he most part I have the ache thru my whole uterus area... I have no pain or burning when I pee... it is not appendicitis or kidney stones... iv been checked for STD and I am clear of everything... I'm eating healthy and drinking tons of water but it is not helping... some days are more painful than others... I have been extremely tired during the day but when it comes down to going to bed at night I struggle to go to sleep... can anyone help me as to what this could be? It's extremely uncomfortable... help please!!