my boyfriend won't stop

I've been with this boy for 4 months now and I just have this one issue that seems to keep happeneing. In September, he slept with his best friends girlfriend. That wasn't the only time they messed around like that but him & I wasn't together then. They won't stop talking? She'll always text him and he won't let me on his phone and when I do get on his phone, it's when he's asleep. She Snapchats him and he won't open it when I'm around and recently he brought me around her & his friends and kept staring at her. He says I have no reason to hate her but I feel like I do have a reason. He pushed me into a wall for just talking to another boy but it's like it's okay for him to talk to her because "they decided to remain friends". Also, her boyfriend (now fiancé) doesn't know and I have proof on my phone that it all happened. I need advice onto what to do with all of this.